Member Update

Member Update August 2023

Dear PLBC Members

Your committee has been busy with a number of initiatives over the winter months, as follows

1. Sailing update

With thanks to Liam Whitehouse, a program is underway to re-invigorate the sailing program for the coming season and beyond by buying a number of craft and training up a number of members to run our own junior tackers and to enrich the sailing program. Liam has been able to secure grant funding which has halved the capital cost of the Optis to $10k.

2. Social Calendar

The social committee is developing plans for the coming summer which we will announce ahead of the season.

3. Roof replacement

It is time to replace the clubhouse roof, which we cannot maintain in the same way as our cladding by painting and patching. Over the last decade or so, we have built up a long-term planning account of $350k for such purposes. Obtaining formal quotes from builders in a busy market has been challenging. Based on the quote we have received, we expect the cost for roof replacement will be in the order of $200k. We will sense-check that quote with a quantity surveyor estimate. The estimated cost seeks to allow for contingencies in case further repair of the framework is required once the roof is removed but is only an estimate at this stage. We are navigating the requirements of the building code through a building permit, as well as both planning approval and a heritage overlay which is in draft for PLBC. We hope to be able to start and complete the work before the summer season begins, subject to the approvals above.
4. Lease discussions

We remain in discussions with the Foreshore Committee which act on behalf of the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (“DEECA”) about the renewal of our lease. The standard terms of the lease issued by DEECA are subject to updates by them with every 10-year lease renewal, and we are discussing the special conditions of the lease sought by the Foreshore Committee relating to the maintenance and use of the club.

5. Annual subscriptions – no foreshore passes

Our annual subscription notices will be sent out in early September for payment. With our movement to electric payment via the WildApricot system and the new electronic fob system, we are moving away from paper-based systems and this means ending the provision of foreshore passes. Many members do not realise, but the club has no special rights to access foreshore passes, we simply buy them on behalf of members. Including postage, it costs the club more than $8,000 annually and countless hours of administration. Members are able to buy the foreshore passes directly from the Foreshore Committee either on an annual basis or per visit, at their discretion. We will advise boat club subscription rates in the coming weeks.

Kind Regards, 
The PLBC Committee