Adult Learn To Sail

Dinghies courses are tailored for adults and involve sailing on small exhilarating boats (one, two or three crew vessels).

We welcome people of all levels, experiences or history with sailing. We have different courses tailored to varying skill levels and abilities.

Dinghies represent an ideal learning platform because thanks to their small size participants are safe and in full control of all sailing aspects. In more experienced hands though dinghies become action-packed boats suitable for sailors looking for a thrilling sail.

What are the Different Levels?

Start Sailing 1

Your Discover Sailing journey starts here as you learn the fundamental skills of sailing and are introduced to the fun of dinghy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.

Start Sailing 2

Your Discover Sailing journey continues as you further develop all of the fundamental dinghy sailing skills. You are now equipped to sail your dinghy on your own voyages of discovery.

Better Sailing

Discover Sailing in stronger winds as you develop the skills required to get maximum speed from your dinghy. Your journey speeds up as you experience the thrill of trapezing and using a spinnaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe?

Safety is the top priority at Point Leo.  The club provides all the safety equipment needed and all instructors maintain current qualifications and certificates dictated by Australian Sailing, including first aid training and working with children checks.

No, one of the great things about the Adult Learn to Sail course is you don’t have to be a member of a club to participate.  Of course, we’d love it if those who participate go on to become members. 

Participants must be water confident. Some ability to swim would be preferable, however they will be wearing lifejackets at all times. 

No, there is no special clothing needed.  Here is what you need to bring when you go sailing with us:

  • Clothes & Closed Toe Shoes – wear ones that will protect you from the sun and that you don’t mind getting wet and will keep you warm on cold days.  A wet suit is not essential but can be a good idea.
  • A change of clothes and shoes.
  • Towel
  • Drink bottle, lunch and snacks.
  • Hat – to keep you warm and protect you from the sun.
  • Sunscreen – we have more available at the Club

…and loads of energy!  Life jackets are provided.

No we will supply the boats for the course. However if you do have your own boat and you would like to learn how to sail it, you are welcome to do so, just send us an email before hand to let us know so we can best prepare.