Membership Application

The Entrance and Membership Fee should not be paid until the committee has approved the new membership application, after which time the applicant shall have 30 days to pay the relevant fees. Should payment not be made within 30 days the application will lapse.

The Club may at times cease taking new members. In these circumstances applicants will be placed on a wait list. The date of receipt of a signed application form via mail or email shall determine the applicant’s position on the wait list.

Preferred method of payment is EFT to account 083-170 64-496-1261. Applications after March 1st and before September 1st each year only require the entrance fee; the membership fee will then be invoiced in September. The current fees are as follows:

Joining Fee$425
Family Membership$500
Single Membership$250
Associate Membership$180
Single Parent M’ship.$365
Overseas/ Interstate$110
Multi hull – outside Boatdeck$245
Single hull – inside Boatdeck$210
Single hull – outside Boatdeck$150
Powerboat – inside Boatdeck$290
Powerboat – outside Boatdeck$220
Large Kayaks, Surfskis & Boards 3.5 metres and over – inside Boatdeck.$210
Large Kayaks, Surfskis & Boards 3.5 metres and over – outside Boatdeck.$150
Boards, Kayaks  etc 2.7m – 3.5m$70
Boards, Kayaks ect less than 2.7m$35

NOTE: Members are responsible for their own boat insurance.

If you want to store your boat at the Boat Club, you need to make separate application for storage. Please down load the “Boat Deck Storage Application” form from the web site under the Policy and Application Documents page. 

Please note that boatdeck storage availability is limited. If no spots available, then you will be placed on a waitlist.

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