Westernport Laser Regatta – held Sunday 20th January 2019.

Description of Regatta coming soon.
Results –  2019 Laser Regatta Results


Menzies Cup – held Sunday 29th December 2018.

Many thanks to all for a great turn out for the Menzies Cup.  We have a fantastic range of boats, ages, genders and skills on display, which made for some great tussles all the way down the fleet.  My favorite was James Forrest, failing by one second on corrected time, while sailing one of the Club’s BICs, to run down his father Andrew, sailing their Laser 2 with James’ partner Mel, despite being almost 14 minutes adrift on elapsed time.
Many thanks to Graeme, Hugo and John for officiating the race and crewing the safety boat.

1st: Colin Beanland (Laser) – corrected time 27:50

2nd: Andrew Van  Leeuwen (Laser Radial) – corrected time 27:56

3rd: Rod Warren (Laser) – corrected time 28:16.


Grage Trophy Cancelled


2018 PLBC – Westernport Laser Regatta.

Due to the Westernport Challenge being held over to then coincide with our Laser Regatta, the sailing committee decided to reschedule the Regatta to the 4th of February. This inevitably reduced the fleet we would otherwise have had if sailed earlier in January with no clash.  However great racing in moderate winds resulted in a great regatta, appreciated by all who participated.  Some very close sailing at the front of the fleet.

Thank you to the Somers YC for bringing over their start boat and some of their expertise.  Great to see some Flinders participants as well.  Thank you to the Sailing committee at PLBC for their organisation and those that volunteered for the safety boats and the tower.  It was great to see the club come together to ensure a successful Regatta.

Live music & refreshments on the deck after the race on a beautiful evening was a pleasant way to wind up the Regatta


Ist:  Simon Wilkins 2+1 = 3p (winner of 2nd race)

2nd: Harrison Ede 1+2 = 3p

3rd: Andrew Van Leewen 3+3 = 6p

4th: John Tilleard 4+4 = 8p

5th: Leigh Glover 7+5 = 12p

6th: Wendy Wilson 6+6 = 12p

7th: Ric Barker 5+7 = 12p

8th: Stephen Roach 8+9 = 17p

9th: Lincoln McMahon 9+10 = 19p

10th: Colin Beanland 12+8 = 20p

11th: Bernd Dremel 10+11 = 21p


Womens Trophy:  Wendy Wilson

Seniors Trophy:  John Tilleard



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