Boat storage

PLBC provides limited storage facilities for member’s boats, surfboards and other watercraft.

Application for storage must be made each year for all boats and watercraft including surfboards and small kayaks.  Please click on and download the Boat & Watercraft Storage Application Form (link below) and submit prior to membership renewal. Storage is limited and due to demand, applications should be received early before membership invoices are sent out (Mid August), to avoid disappointment.

Note: Due to high demand, surfboards and small kayaks/surfskis (under 2.7m) are charged a fee.  Application is made for all watercraft including surfboards.

Boggie boards do not require application but must be stored in the designated boogie board rack and if full, must be taken away. Store boogie boards in the designated location and in a neat and orderly manner.  Boogie boards that are left lying about will be thrown out.

2017 – 2018 Applications For Storage

Applications were due by mid August. You may make application now, to be put on a waiting list. Spots may only be available after a reconciliation of the boat register and the Boat deck is done.

If you have a surfboard, paddleboard, surfski, kayak, boat or other craft in the Boatdeck and you have not made application, then you must remove it. Your spot has been allocated to someone else. Failure to do so will result in the club  firstly, relocating it to the unsecured west yard and secondly, disposing of it and any expenses incurred will be invoiced to you OR it may be auctioned off. 

Boat & Watercraft Storage Application Form (Docx)

Point Leo Boat Deck Policy (PDF)

Boat & Watercraft Schedule of PLBC FEE RATES 2017 2018

Names On Boats & Boards:  Boats and boards have been brought into the boatdeck without names. Please ensure you have your name on your boats and boards. This is essential. Any craft without a clear legible name, will be relocated to the unsecured west yard and then may be disposed of.


Store Only In Designated Location:  Only store your boat or board in your designated position. There is a plan posted on the west Boatdeck sliding door that will have your designated  position.  A link to the latest Boatdeck Plan with the provisional 2015-2016 allocations is below.

Craft stored incorrectly:  There have been too many instances of boards, surfskis and kayaks left on the floor or left adjacent to or in someones paid for storage spot.  This creates a hindrance and often results in a hazardous situation. These craft will be relocated out to the unsecured west yard.

BOAT DECK PLAN Allocations